Groupon Reviews

Below you will find some of the things people have said about us after using their Groupon voucher.

"What a comfortable team of people who really care for your massage or spinal wellness. Great experience!"

"The staff is extremely professional and personal. They make you feel welcome from the moment you walk through the door. I appreciated every aspect of the appointment. It was very thorough and complete for a Groupon. I enjoyed the complete time that was taken on my appointment."

"Fantastic experience; skilled, knowledgeable professionals and very accommodating."

"Good Massage Therapist. He knows how to get rid of the knots without much of an effort. I have upper and lower back pain and he worked on those locations very carefully."

"It was very easy from start to finish. The receptionist was very helpful and even took the groupon from my phone:) They even sent me home with a welcome gift bag, they were great!"

"The guy is very honest and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend. My gf feels the same way. You get a lot for the money. Knowing what I know now, I would [have] gladly paid more. We both have been to other chiropractors before."

"I haven't felt this relaxed in months. Matt did a fantastic job. He's very personable as well as professional. His relaxed voice will instantly put you at ease the moment you walk in the room. I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends."

We currently have 2 offers on Groupon:

1-Hour Therapeutic Massage w/ Aromatherapy - $45

1-Hour Therapeutic Massage w/ Aromatherapy w/ Chiropractic Package (Exam, Consultation, X-ray, and Adjustment) - $70

Visit our Groupon page for more details:

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