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  • "I have been going to the UTRC for years. I have had a bad back for years. Doctor Gary has kept me from pain for a long time. All the people that work at the office are so nice and happy to help you. They are there long hours on Monday and Tuesday which helps if you work during the day. I would say if you are in some pain come see UTRC. They help you with your pain. Well God bless UTRC."
    Will E. (from Facebook)
  • "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Dr. Gary and his staff have worked wonders in just 2 visits. I finally have hope that I may not live in constant pain with limited movement. I sat for 2 hours to watch tv and realized after about 1.5 that I had no pain. I didn't have to switch positions or get up and stretch. I didn't have to take a pain pill after work and was able to stand up without having to go slow because of tightness and pain. Feeling so hopeful!!!! I'm so happy I tried this place out!"
    Michelle K. (from Google +)
  • "I had arm pain that led to neck and shoulder pain for 3 years prior to seeing Dr. Gary. The pain was severe at times, keeping me up at night and making simple tasks difficult. Not wanting to take the medications my doctor prescribed because of negative side effects I went to a couple different chiropractors and months of physical therapy without any relief of pain. A friend recommended UTRC and after only a few visits I was pain free, sleeping through the night and back to all of my activities. Dr. Gary and his staff are very friendly and I really enjoy every visit."
    Linda C. (from Facebook)
  • "I've been going to UTRC for about 3 months now for pain from poor posture and scoliosis. I am impressed that Dr. Gary is addressing the cause of my pain, not just treating my symptoms. I am making progress and at age 70, that is impressive! The staff are so friendly and helpful."
    Carolyn M. (from Facebook)
  • "Amazing! Dr. Gary and his staff do a fine job! I was in tremendous pain from an old injury when I learned about what they do there. I am much better now!"
    Tim N. (from Facebook)
  • "I had a significant curve in my spine, lack of curve in my neck, dilated pupils, and other significant health issues. I had trouble sleeping, lack of energy, and even sitting up straight hurt. I saw many chiropractors from the age of 12, and all of them told me there was nothing they could do to help me. For this reason, when I came to see Dr. Gary, I had a myriad of issues with my spine that had developed over the years. My health has improved overall; I sleep better at night, have more energy, and my pupils are no longer dilated constantly. I saw results by my second visit with Dr. Gary. I have had nothing but positive experiences since coming to UTRC. I most enjoyed the staff and Dr. Gary and how much they care about their patients."
    Meghan S.
  • "Lower back pain affected my work as a teacher and hindered my mobility. Pain in the mid-back affected my posture. I have had these pains for 20 years after an accident. I started working with Dr. Gary 12 years ago and in 2 months, my posture improved and pain decreased. I have treatments 3x's/month and this allowed me to continue working until I retired and to be able to walk without pain for longer periods of time. The personal care shown and given by all of the staff and Dr. Gary keeps me coming back."
    Joann D.
  • "I came here [because I] got into a crash with my truck. [I] had a lot of pain all over my body. A friend referred me to Dr. Gary. [Been] coming here for over 3 months for my back and neck [because] it was bothering me after the crash. And Dr. Gary has done a great job getting me back to normal. The experience that I got is overwhelming. And the staff has been so helpful and kind. [I enjoyed] my time there as well. A great group of people. God bless them all."
    Angel M.
  • "I have been faithfully coming to UTRC for almost 3 years. I typically come once a week for therapeutic exercises, an adjustment, and massage therapy. I believe all three components keep my feeling my best on a regular basis. The staff is so incredibly friendly and the office is much like a family atmosphere. Dr. Gary can fix pretty much anything, and has helped ease my headaches, psoriasis, chronic back & neck pain, and overall health. I love the fact that he uses a technique that doesn't involve having to 'crack' you during adjustments. I prefer the method he uses over the conventional 'cracking' method that many other chiropractors use. I also love the massage therapists and get regular massages for therapeutic and relaxational benefits."
    Ali G.
  • "I've been allergic to animal dander ever since I can remember. Whenever I petted my dog or cat, or was around horses my eyes would start itching. Then my nose would start running and I would start sneezing because my body was producing too many histamines.

    I was seeing Dr. Gary for spinal adjustments when I learned he could help me with my allergies. I brought in dog and horse hair samples. After an adjustment from Dr. Gary using his hand-held tool, I no longer have any allergy symptoms when I'm around animals. I can pet them and love them without any allergic reaction. Unbelievable!
    No one ever said to me, why don't you visit a chiropractor for your allergies. The doctors and pharmacists won't tell you because they make money from selling drugs. It is so nice not to have to take drugs anymore. Dr. Gary believes in taking a natural approach to health. Thanks to him I no longer suffer from allergies."
    Chris O.
  • "I have battled with anxiety for the past 30 years. My life has been severely impaired by anxiety. It's been hard to go out to public places. I switched jobs because of the anxiety. I was on anxiety meds for 11 years. I have been treated by my regular doctor, counselor, and also a psychiatrist. They have all helped improve my anxiety, but none cured it. The benefits of chiropractic care surprised me. Dr. Gary was able to tap into my subconscious thoughts, where my anxiety hides, ask me key questions, and discover the root reasons why I had anxiety. Then he treated places on both my body and skull to help reset my thinking patterns. It helped my anxiety so much that I was able to wean all the way off my anxiety medicine. [I saw results] immediately. [My treatment was] personalized, [and the office was] caring. I felt that all staff was truly invested in me. [I most enjoyed the] genuine results and healing from an authentic staff."
    Anne M.

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